Discover Laterza

Laterza is a small town just ten minutes far from Matera inside the Regional Park of “Terra delle Gravine”.
Its canyon, Oasi Lipu, is one of the largest one in Europe with a breathtaking panorama rich in sheer walls, caverns and caves, raptors bird and enchanting flowers.
A few steps from the canyon, the white old town centre emerges under the sun that enhances the geometry of the Marquis Palace and enlightens the rose window of Saint Lawrence’s Church and of all the cave-churches.Along the streets, you can discover the fragrance of the fresh-baked bread and the smell of our meat cooked in wood ovens. Laterza is a place where traditions are handed down from one generation to another such as the art of majolica to whom has been dedicated a museum that holds some of the most representative pieces produced by the skilled craftsmen of the 17th century.
The majolica is a particular kind of Italian pottery with blue, green and yellow-orange shades; it was used to realize plates for parade, vases and other precious objects. The ancient tradition still continues today and is handed down by local artisans who open their workshops to those who want to know their art and secrets. Under their guidance you can mould authentic pieces of majolica to take with you as a souvenir of your visit in Laterza.